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We want people who aren't in our niche listening to our music. -- Bono

by Christine

Man oh man,

Well, this was my last concert of the Elevation 2001 tour, my fifth (after Miami, Houston, Dallas, and Albany). It was great, as per usual. U2 never disappoints.

It was hard to concentrate after getting to the Frank Erwin Center at 4 a.m. Monday morning. I met the BEST U2 fans in line, which is one of the coolest things about going to the show and being in the GA line. So to all of you that I met, wow...U2 fans rock!

I was the one who gave Bono the American flag that cradled so lovingly, which made my heart soar because security told me not to bring it in. They also told me not to wave it during the show, but I couldn't resist. The moment was just too perfect. And then he gave it back, so now I have an American flag that is drenched with his sweat.

The boys did seem a little weary during the show, compared to the other ones I've seen, but it was a FANTASTIC show nonetheless. The only thing that kept me from passing out with the adrenaline rush of seeing U2 live. And I say that with feeling because many of us near the front were dehydrated from sitting in the hot Texas sun all day, and the poor guy next to me passed out cold during the show, right in front of Bono! To whoever that was, I hope you are feeling better!

I want to give credit to No Doubt as well. Usually I sit through the opening band impatiently, waiting to see U2, but I REALLY enjoyed their performance tonight. In my opinion, they are the best opening band they've had on the tour so far.

Wow, so...it was a beautiful night. Meeting the band before the show, waiting in line all day with dedicated fans, and then watching U2 live in my very own home state... What a perfect conclusion to my Elevation 2001 experience.


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