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"Where are our roots? We don't have funky black roots. We don't have white rock roots. Our music almost doesn't seem to have roots. It's like totally our own." — Bono

by Justin Burke

The last time I saw The Boys was in Seattle, the last stop on the North American PopMart Tour in 1998. I left that show elated, but saw that the band themselves felt encumbered by the big stage show and over-the-top spectacle. I loved Pop, but I was so glad when Bono said that next time 'round, it wouldn't be this way and hoped and prayed that that would really be true. It was time for further evolution

It's nice to see that Bono is a man of his word. To see U2 as U2 was such a treat, I cannot begin to explain how happy I was throughout the show from Elevation to Walk On.

Personal Highlights were:

Stuck in a Moment: Like all the songs from ATYCLB, this was well played and performed.

Kite: Emotive, expressive, wonderful! This was not one of my faves from the new album, but now it's up at the top!

I Will Follow: The first sing I learned to play on my bass. Fun to have heard for the first time live!

Wild Honey: The Edge's heartfelt harmonizing face-to-face with Bono was an intimate and delicate moment that I will cherish. This song is also the song my wife and I played at our wedding.

Please: The shining moment from my Seattle show and a strong point of my Austin experiecne made more poignant by the events of Sept 11th.

Bullet: The best Bullet I have seen (including the one from the Joshua Tree Tour I saw in 1987). Loved the Rattle and Hum stage light stuff.

One: Made me cry. Made my hair stand up on end. I have never seen a more heartflet performance of anything by any band anywhere. Magical, powerful, healing.

Walk-On: A pefect end to a perfect night. Another song that I oft overflooked, but now it takes on new meaning for me.

Everyone knows how vital U2 is at this time in our country's history by now, so I won't elaborate on the larger implications of the show and the music. However, from a personal and musical perspective, this was a strong and sensitive, emotional and inspirational U2. It was nice to see their musicanship with minimal sequencer support. It was so wonderful to see them as vibrant and human as ever. Thank you U2. Hope to see you soon!!!!

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