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[W[e have to learn to understand that people who don't agree with the way we think -- don't demonize them. -- Bono

by Steve Pruitt

This was my first U2 Show. Five hour drive one way to Austin, Texas and made the return trip home the same night after the show!

Me and two buddies went and sat in the nose bleeds but it didn't matter!

There was nothing better than The Unforgettable Fire for this young man in his late teens in 1985 and Bono and the boys lit up the stage. They pelted us with the best of Unforgettable Fire, Sunday Bloody Sunday and a smattering of October and Boy. A somber cover of Amazing Grace lingered in the the smokey air long enough to have its desired effect!

Although this was almost 30 years ago, I have a vivid memory of Bono being Bono and carrying a par-can fixture around the stage and pointing it at the audience eliciting roars of approval.

Another great memory was the band ending the night with "40" and the audience refusing to let the show end. We we all still singing "how long to sing this song" as we made our way out of the arena and well into the halls and exits!!

I brought a tour book that night and I recently found it tucked away in a storage box. It brought back tremendous memories.

How long to sing this song? 28 years and counting!

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