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"I might be a hero on stage, but off-stage I'm an anti-hero." — Bono

by Paul Williams

Emotion. This word best describes a U2 show and when this show is in Boston, emotion is amplified to an incomprehensible level. U2 gave a performance of epic proportions on this night and amazed this lifelong fan.

As a U2 fan since the age of eight, I never have swayed in my loyalty to the band, even during the dark "Zooropa" years, for as a true fan and Bostonian the boys will always be number one.

As I saw U2 in person for the first time at 13, during ZooTV, I was agape at the incredible ability that U2 has to invoke and control a crowd, not to mention their ability to just play. Other groups can play, but U2 plays to a level which exceeds the simplicity of the studio, it begs for people to sing along.

Popmart is no exception. U2 has not lost the magic which makes them so unique...from Sweet Caroline to Bullet the Blue to Please and playing into a rocking Where the Streets Have No Name...can this creshendo of emotion be any more pitched?

U2 amazes and will continue to amaze as they can evoke feeling like no other. This show cannot be accurately described; you should wish you were there. We're still singing, Oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh...

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