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"I would hate to think everybody was into U2 for 'deep' and 'meaningful' reasons. We're a noisy rock 'n' roll band." — Bono

by Jeannine Jaworski

Saw them three times in NJ, once in Philly (front row center!!!), but the best shows by far were those in Boston. U2 was psyched for the end of the first leg of the tour, they were psyched to be in Boston, and it showed! This concert, and the one on July 2, rank up there with the show I saw on the Joshua Tree tour.

After Until the End of the World U2 broke out into New Year's Day. The audience exploded and it was truly an amazing two minutes, a transforming atmosphere. Bono "fainted" on the B-stage in awe and thanked the crowd for their enthusiasum. After NYD, U2 played Pride; this was the powerhouse section of the concert...the crowd was pumped.

Please was done differently than in previous shows, on the main stage vs. the B-stage. At the end Bono went off in a chant. His emotion and passion was so intense you could tell, for him, he was the only one in the arena. This was definitely one of the most intense moments of show.

U2 came out for an encore after WOWY which was a pleasant surprise compared to the previous shows where they just left after One, not to return. MLK after One was great. I could have gone home complete and happy at this point, but the night only got better...

I MET BONO and THE EDGE!! Although we had to wait until the early hours of the morning it was worth the wait. I got Bono's autograph and some INCREDIBLE photos. (Watch for my photos from this night and the other concerts, coming soon...) Hint for meeting the band: Find the gate with the limos, vans, etc. and wait. Beware of the police escort diversions making you think they have left. You will be there for a long time but when they finally come out meeting them is a magical experience you will remember forever.

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