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It's . . . more honest to say we're rock stars, we're havin' it large, we're havin' a great time and don't focus on charity too much, that's private. Justice is public. -- Bono

by Ingrid Cohen

Amazing...as many times as I see this show, it still makes me proud to be a devout U2 fan!

Without repeating the events, some of the excitement centered around the audience paticipation:

1) a drunken fan finding his way to the stage. When security captured him on stage he was released by Bono. After the song, the man was arrested.
2) Three teenaged girls were pulled from the audience to chase Bono around the stage. If anyone saw a point, do tell.
3) That crazy, silver dress wearing Miami dancer. That dance alone converted many non-practicing U2 fans into big ones.

Over all, it was a great show!!

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