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"We are lucky enough to have developed a style that is natural." — Edge

by Peter Chodakowski

I love U2, which is why I am able to forgive them for having such a bad headlining band. It seems to be a bad trend in Foxboro. Primus opened up, legs kicking high, for the Achtung Baby show, and Fun Lovin' Criminals for this one. If I could at least understand the lyrics, it would have been okay. The bass was way too loud, I think some one fell asleep at the mixing board. But enough bashing the band.

Bono is a master of the crowd. He knows how to work it, and he does it wonderfully. Whether it be the end of Pride, or a Neil Diamond song, he always gets the crowd going somehow. I never took a moment to examine the lyrics of the songs, but recently, when contemplating the lyrics of the Zooropa album, I realized the depth and feeling that Bono puts into the words. They are a great reflection on his life and the band's life. I have enjoyed watching U2 morph from the Boy album to the Joshua Tree Album, and now th Pop, and I can still say I think they will be around forever. They can change with the times, and I think that that shows their musical prowess.

I loved the show. My heart pounded throughout the whole show. It was overall more enjoyable than the Achtung Baby tour that I saw a few years ago. The set was impressive, especially the lemon. I was even fooled as to where they were. I think my favorite part of the show was when they played Bullet the Blue Sky. It's my favorite song, and he never fails to amaze me with his speech in the middle of the song. U2 forever!!!

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