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[M]y darling wife said that the only way she would get involved in this project is if I didn't have anything to do with the fashion." -- Bono, on Ali's Edun line of clothes

by Zola

Just got back from the first show in Copenhagen, and what a show!! But the show could have been better. As mentioned in earlier reviews it was INCREDIBLY HOT in the arena ( I would say between 50-60 deg. Celcius ), and they ran out of water in the bars quite early on in the show!!!. I have been to a lot of concerts in my time, but this is definetly the hottest EVER!, even Bono commented on the temperature throughout the show " Vikings dont have weather like this, come on! Whats going down" - " So thats why you came over to Ireland, you wanted to get out of the heat?? ". 95% of the time he was holding his microphone in one hand, and a water bottle in the other. The heat and humidity took its toll on both the audience and the band ( Newspapers in Denmark estimate that up to 10% of the audience had left the arena after only an hour of U2!! ), and I really cant shake the feeling that they cut the show a bit short!? Looking at the setlists from the US, this was a bit short, and not really fitting for the first night in Europe, and they left out The Fly!! As posted in earlier reviews, I, too, noticed that Edge was all ready to play The Fly, but Bono shouted something in his ear, and they played One instead???? I was SO looking forward too hear The Fly in this new funky version :-(
Im not in the habbit of having a "favorite" U2 track, but if I had it would definetly include The Fly. Ah Well, maybe they will play it at Slane Castle. I know all this sounds a bit negative, but besides these few things, it was still an incredible experience to attend yet another U2 show.
Hope they include a few more of the new songs along the way across Europe.
Oh, and Forum, Copenhagen - get a DAMN ventilation system!!!!!

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