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"The musicians are only ordinary people. It's the music which is extraordinary, if you like." — Bono

by Mickey Munoz

Mexico has witnessed only two U2 world tours. But the experience of the Zoo TV tour is far, far away from us now. That's what U2 made us felt yesterday.

"Do you like all these shit, We hope you like it, you paid for it!" those were Bono's first words after "Mofo". After that we were delighted with new arrangements in each one of the oldies, and a extra power in the alive performance of each one of the Pop songs. Mexico city's crowd just went nuts, fascinated once again. Let me tell you that U2 played in a different venue last tour, the Palacio de los Deportes, which is a small dome (22,000 capacity), but yesterday in this outdoors venue, 50,000 people gathered together in a sold-out show, to enjoy this enormous and spectacular show, and now I know for sure, U2 outdoors is (much better) completely different.

In a radio station interview Bono has declared that there's something special with the Mexican audience, these same perceptions were written by Bill Flanagan in his book "U2 Until the end of the world", I'm sure we didn't dissapoint them yesterday.

I was only 30 feet from the stage and this closeness made me forget everything about the huge screen and all that stuff, I'm sure everyone felt the same way too, it's the same old U2, but in all ways renewed and reinforced. "Please", "Mofo", "Until the end of the world", "Gone", and a new arranged "Streets"and "Bullet the blue sky" showed us that. But the most emotional moments last night were when Edge sang a beautiful "Sunday Bloody Sunday", and the "unchained Melody" finale, with a beautiful falsetto section of our beloved Mr. Hewson.

I could be spending more lines telling you about the big shock that caused all this magnificent show in the Mexican crowd, I mean the lemon, the screen and all that stuff, but that's not what the U2 fans took with us in our hearts. You know what I mean.

The 110 dollar ticket was definitely worthy. Now I have to get ready, because I'm leaving for today's concert too. You cannot let go the chance to watch the Biggest show on earth in the Biggest city of the world. I'll be writing tomorrow. See ya!

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