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"It is when we are playing that we are at our most U2yness. I suppose in a way [it's] about purity, about the four of us and whoever the witnesses are." — Adam

by GretzkyU2Yanks

This was my 1st show of this tour. As I was watching the show I couldnt understand why people were saying that this tour wasnt as good as others, or that the band didnt seem as in to it. I was at the New York shows after Sept 11th. At that time we (I) needed them more than ever, and more than that, U2 needed to prove that music can heal more than ever. So those shows were a pinnacle. Im not going to say anything crazy like last night was as good as those, but without that emotional baggage, no show could compete. Well anyway, last night the boys were rocking. Judging by the encore, maybe last night they were more into it than other shows this tour, but as I watched the beginning of the show, and assumed I was seeing a typical show from this tour I couldnt understand the bad reviews. Turns out maybe this show was more than the usual show this tour and became something special. The 'music' wasnt perfect (Bono voice went out during WOWY, Edge misplayed the keyboard on OOTS) but nobody should have one complaint about last night. 10 out of 10 for U2 standards.

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