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"Our music is not something to lie down to, to get out of to, to die to, to commit suicide to. It's not a soundtrack to a nervous breakdown." — Bono

by TJ

Not much needs to written...The show was AWESOME...A friend of mine said that it was the best U2 show that he's been too and he's been to quite a few U2 shows over the years.. I hear some fans don't want not to be preached too during a show...I don't know what the big deal is with that...You can't separate Bono's subject matter and the music...They are one in the same....That's who he is and that is how you get such great lyrics...For example...Where you live should not decide whether you live or whether you die...Three to a Bed...Sister Ann she said....Dignity Passes by....Then you take the music that surrounds those lyrics and you have a genuine classic....Which now leads me into my next topic and that is what I am calling my Crumbs Campaign..I and many others want to hear Crumbs From Your Table...Maybe we can hear just a snippet of it after "One"...Bono do it for Sister Ann.......Bono has his One Campaign to end poverty and who doesn't want to see that end so why can't I have my Crumbs Campaign...I Terrence am founder and only member so far....Join Me....In closing I will say it again...The show was AWESOME...See ya all Saturday night...

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