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[W]e have a bass player called Adam Clayton who is the only bass player you would miss if he wasn't there. -- Bono

by JT

Now this is why I've been following them since 1983!!! What an amazing show!!!

The band really seemed to be spot-on tonight, except of course for the last-minute addition of "Out of Control." And what an addition it was!!! When Bono called out "Out of Control," Adma started playing the bass line waiting for the rest of the band. Edge, who already had a guitar on, quickly swapped one out with Dalls and tried remembering how to play it. Bono says, "Give us a minute here..." Classic. Edge starts ripping the chords and about half-way thru seems to be completely lost. This makes Larry burst out laughing. And this is why U2 is so great. And this is something I've been waiting for - spontaneity.

"The Fly" was also another stand-out last night. Visually, it's amazing.

One complaint - and anyone who wants to blast me on this, go right ahead, I really don't care. I'm a little tired of being preached to. I appreciate all Bono does politically and socially, but there is a time and a place for it, and i personally don't believe it's on stage. One of the things about that really gets me is this - Bono's persoanl fortune is estimated at more than $200 million. The band has made more that $1 billion since 1990. If he's so concered about wiping out poverty, then why doesn't he donate more of his own money? Why charge $165 a ticket? Sure, we willingly pay it, but does it really need to be that expensive? The production of the tour surely costs a lot justifying the ticket prices, so why not just go back to a stripped down show? Afterall, many of us go to the show to hear music, not see effects. Just my opinion.

Again, fantastic show, better than Tuesday, let's see if they can top this on Saturday!

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