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"My strongest trait is curiosity. I'm just lifting stones, you know, opening doors. Looking out windows, around corners, up skirts." — Bono

by daveydave

Wow! Now that's more like it!

From good (Tuesday) to great - tonight. This show was high energy from the start. From my spot tonight the sound was much better from the start and Joe O. had it dialed in within a couple songs.

Bono - didn't seem to have vocal trouble at all tonight. He hit some notes that I haven't heard him hit in years. On top of that, he was interacting with the crowd more so than on Tuesday. He pulled up a young woman for Bad. It felt more like a genuine moment than a contrived act. Bono was running around during the encore, calling out new songs like a quarterback making an audible at the last second. It was great! The stage crew just ripped the setlist away. It seemed as if they were told that the guys were going to play the show out the way they felt like it.

Adam - didn't seem as active tonight. However, he played great and he just seems to be at in the greatest of moods these days. I never used to watch Adam much, but he's having such a blast that you can't help but enjoy it.

Larry - he sounded fantastic and had some amazing moments where Bono seemed to be asking Larry to kick the bejesus out of his spine! Larry was more than willing to oblige. He was hitting them hard tonight.

Edge - On fire! Up and down the neck, hitting all the guitar heavy songs with authority. He should have just thrown his guitar down and lit it on fire like Hendrix. The man always gets credit for his style of melodic riffs, but he had one of those nights that lets us know that he can rip his guitar up and command it as well as some of the best of all time. Tonight, he just looked like he owned the guitar. Playing it like it was an extention of his hands. Ridiculous!

Overall - a great high energy show. More pleasing all around than the other nights show. Where Tuesday was a 4 or 5 for U2, tonight was the U2 I have come to expect. The U2 that makes your hair stand up on the back of your neck. I've seen a couple better U2 shows, but this was one helluva show. 8.5 out of 10 in my book!


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