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Experimenting in rock is at its best when you dream from the perimeters and bring it back to the center. -- Bono

by diamond

WOW! What a show. Been a loyal, stalwart, ardent supporter of this band for 20 yrs. This was my BEST SHOW. I witnessed most of the show from the interior of the Heart. You could tell after 4 nights in Boston that Bono was leaving it all on stage this evening. Bono came out w/some BonoCamGlasses-on his sunglasses saying-"look into me eyes" as their was a small camera attached to them. He was filming us. Cool. When "The Fly" started a large male fan tossed his shirt hitting Bono in his mid section. The shirt was a black WAR shirt from 1983. Bono glanced down at him momentarily but was busy w/the song. "Gone" came off well as he dedicated it to his friend Mike Hutchenes. One of the high points of the evening was when the band did "Out Of Control". This no. came off remarkably well. Bono went into a speech about how Edges guitar -like the city of Boston had carried them a LONG LONG WAY. And that they were a LONG WAY from home..and things get "SILLY" when youre a LONG WAY from home..The crowd ERUPTED. It was rumoured that Elvis Costello and Alison were in the house- this is perhaps why Bono sang snippets of "Alison" and "Shes A Mystery To Me"-(before final encore). "Streets" was another climatical moment of the evening..Bold, beautiful and uplifting. As the evening was coming to a close you could read Bono's body language that he didn't wanna say good bye nor did the audience..No one wanted the night to end. The arena had a jubulant triumphant energy within its walls .The crowd was enraptured w/another stellar performance by one of the greatest bands on earth. "Walk On" started and Bono started annoucing proudly that a famous legendary hockey star of Boston -Ray Bourque would be joining the Band on stage. Next Edge comes out in a Ray Bourque jersey and Bono's exclaiming-"FREE RAY BOURQUE"..The crowd erupts in laughter and cheers. Apparently Ray Bourque is a big fan of the Edge's. About 3/4 thru "Walk On" the same large fan that tossed his WAR shirt at Bono earlier leapt onto the Heart on Adam's side near the base..He was a large fellow, and he sprinted towards the stage. After arriving on stage,he was taken down hard. Bono caught him out of the corner of his eye. He was reaching for Bono-(the paper described it as plantively and theactrically). Bono demanded immediately -"HANDS OFF (him)!". The big guy was peaceful and non aggressive towards the security team. Bono next requested 3 times "HOLD IT! HOLD IT! HOLD IT!!" as he was wrapping up the final verse of the song. A connection was being made w/the large fan and Bono..Bono now was ANGRY AND INCESSANCED that his OWN security WASN'T listening as they were pulling him off the front of the stage.Next Bono LAUNCHED his guitar to a nearby roadie.Bono next came after his sec team and said- "GET THE F*CK OFF HIM NOW!" He was now pulling up this fellow and requesting his company from the front of the stage to join him..simoutaneously he grappled w/another security guard and briefly lectured this guard about who's show it was and who was in charge. Next Bono and the big guy are bonding and hugging eachother at center mic. Theyre on stage chatting and Bono is changing the the last line of Walk On to: "Hey THE BIG GUY IS MADE OF STEEL!"-(we couldnt leave him behind). Bono is smiling. Next Bono is whispering in his ear and Bono throws his arms around his neck and SUDDENLY Bono is airborne as this big guy is cradling him and spinning him around in a couple of revolutions. The crowd ERUPTED IN A TRIUMPHANT ROAR. COMPLETE EUPHORIA IS TAKING OVER! Bono then walks him over to the ramp that leads to the Heart and instructs him to run a lap for him..As he runs the large fan is despensing back the LOVE back to the crowd that Bono just bestowed upon him ,he is shaking hands and slapping fives to others. He takes a measured, paced lap around the Heart. I thought he was gonna be ushered backstage but he is sent back into Heart. He is received warmly and triumphantly by the fans there. Completely SURREAL AND ASTONISHING. The crowd is going BESERK. Only at a U2 show Crazy. And how do I know so much about this event, the details and all? Well Iam "the big guy" that was on stage w/Bono that evening. Thank you so much Bono. God Bless Diamond ("the big guy made of steel")

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