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"Radio should be stimulating people rather than actually killing them into a state of apathy, which I think has happened." — Adam

by jara

Well this one was better than last night. I was in the heart, hung with Carter Allen, he freaked to have bono put his name into a song. We all know about the protest and the HBO thing, leave U2 out of this. Enough people were pissed, Paul , and the rest of Principal management were trying to rectify it, but it was happening all at the wrong time. Some crabby old lady was in the heart , no one could even bump into her, he would bite your head off, she never smiled or even danced. There was a really unhappy feeling in the heart that night, I wish it wasnt carried on like that, Too many people felt like thier experience was spoiled by it. There was a circle everyone made during ONE, lie a vigil or something. By the time Walk on came on, I said to Caarter Im going into that circle man, I have to dance, its my last night in the heart.
This is the best of the week so far, I didnt record it, but Ill find it. Got the rest of them though .

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