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"When you sing, you have to open yourself up, you have to be raw. And you have to reveal yourself, and sometimes it's very difficult for me to listen to that back, because it might not be as macho as you see yourself." — Bono

by bonojunkie

zowie wowie zowie... ok. this was my second show on this tour, 5th in total now (and i see them once more in philly on monday). the first one i saw was in my hometown of pittsburgh...which was THE BEST i have ever seen them playing live. i have attended each of the last 4 tours here in pittsburgh...the pittsburgh show was so excellent, i didnt think it could be topped.

then i got to boston. all the GA/HBO/line jumping crap aside, the band was great at working the audience. (for the record, i was in the first 50 something in line, and i dont hold anything against the folks who went in early)... i stood outside the tip of the heart because when i go to see U2 play live, i want to be as close to bono as possible...and i got all that and more...i even got to hold onto his leg! (BONO...PLEASE FORGIVE THE GRATUITIST GROPING!! I would have much rather met you for a pint somewhere and gotten a hug and kiss, but ya gotta take what you can get sometimes, right??) anyway...i cannot speak much about the music or the setlist since i was on a bono buzz that drowned out anything else going on, though i can say that bono's voice is still hurtin a little but still sounded really good during many tunes. i know i felt his pain each time he went after those falsettos, and today i have laryngitis for singing along with him! but even when his voice didnt go where he wanted it to, he carried us all on a high energy roller coaster ride. thats the best part of being at a u2 show is the pure heart and soul that goes into the performance. even if it wasnt the greatest musical performance they have ever done (which i didnt think this was), they make up for it 10 times over in other ways.

love the GA florr deal, though i think it could be handled a little better, like maybe staggering some more barricades around the center near the heart...just a row or two to keep some of the rush back when the band comes up to the tip of the heart. i got tossed aorund pretty good a couple of times, particularly during streets and some of the other long ago hits...

i also wanna say that i cried with bono as he sang in my life seguaying into stuck in a moment. yes, he was crying, quite visibly. he even wiped the tears away when he finished in my life. and was so choked up going into SIAM he had trouble getting some of the words out through the lump in his throat. i also cried after touching him, and all through bad and one... o, balled uncontrollably there.

anyway.it was a very emotion show for me. it was a gratifying reward after 17 years of being madly in love with this band. i hope everyone who saw it felt something on that level, some connection. and if you havent seen the show yet, they are coming back in the fall, so GET OUT THERE!! and dont be intimidated by the GA arrangement. for the most part it isnt that bad (though not for the claustrophobics!).

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