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There is no such thing as anything in the music business at its purest form. It's all cursed by commerce, and you can't get away from it. -- Larry

by Glen

OK, here's how it happened:

People Get Ready has long been one of my favorite U2 songs. I got in line at 10:00 AM yesterday (number 101) and made a sign that said, "Me + Guitar = People Get Ready". When we were about to go inside, they requested that we not bring signs because of the HBO
cameras, so I threw it away. I ended up in the second row a little to the side of the tip of the heart. Bono and I made eye contact a couple times early in the
show because I was trying to hand him my shades...

After "In a little while", he stopped Edge before playing "Stay". At this point I just started yelling, "People Get Ready" over and over. Bono stopped talking to Edge, looked at me and was like, "what do you want
to hear" I just yelled "People Get Ready" again. He then made a comment to the crowd like, "Please hold on we have had a request for an old "B" side". He turned to Edge and asked, "Do you remember the chords?" Edge
was playing around with them and I began yelling "C, A minor, F" over and over. Bono looked at me and said, "what, you think you can play it?" And I said yes, and he said, "well get up here then."

I climbed on stage and Bono asked if I knew the words. I looked at him and was like, "sorry, that's your job dude". He laughed and said, "OK..."

Dallas handed me one of Edge's Les Pauls and Edge asked how I wanted to play it. I ran through the chords and he was like, "Oh yeah, I remember that... just follow me." And we started playing. It was completely amazing staring out at all of you guys from
the stage.

After the song, Bono said, "Great job man." I replied, "Thank you, thank you for everything." and he gave me a hug. Edge then said, "That was great man, good job."
He handed me a pick, gave me a hug, and I gave the guitar back to Dallas.

They shuttled me off to sign a waiver (for HBO) and sent me back into the crowd... wow.

Peace brothers, see you in line!!!

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