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"A game like chess suited me because I was able to put everything from my mind and work with something abstract." — Bono

by pao6cs


Forget the detail, here are my impressions.

1. The men are on a mission to show themselves as a boy band that ROCKS!

2. Yes, Bono is a showman. But this tour is about Edge cranking up the guitar and bringing audiences to heights as yet unheard of (check out The Fly!). He was absolutely brilliant.

3. I've never seen a more pumped audience. At times its singing and chanting drowned out the band.

4. U2 connects better with their audience than any other band (and that includes The Boss)!

5. It was awesome to hear Sunday Bloody Sunday after all those years (14?). I heard them perform this song in 1987, and it was an angry performance. This time around it was less angry, more jubilant, and every bit as poignant.

6. The Fly was absolutely awesome. Edge was absolutely going nuts!

7. How about pulling an audience member onstage, giving him a guitar, and having him play along to People Get Ready, a song he was requesting from the audience. Talk about something to tell your kids and grandkids about. Hope this makes the HBO special or as an extra track to any DVD release.

9. It's obvious that ATYCLB has created at least 5 more concert staples (Elevation, Beautiful Day, Kite, Walk On, and Stuck in a Moment) that will be as loved as WOWY, One, Pride, Bad, Sunday, New Year's Day, etc. Can't say that about Pop.

10. Performances from this show will be used for U2's HBO special. And we were there...!!!

Elevate your mind...

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