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"I'm proud of what we achieved in stadiums, but this record is not about that. There's no artifice." — Larry, on All That You Can't Leave Behind

by PaulB

Being my 5th U2 show, over the last four tours, I bring the perspective of someone who has grown with the band.

For me, this show combined nostalgia, a great performance, and real rock (I can't stomach the new breed of bands who don't even play any instruments or write their own songs).

My first U2 shows were on the JT tour when I was in college. My next two, on Zoo TV and PopMart, I attended with my wife when she was pregnant with my two daughters. Last night, my wife and I again shared the experience and felt as close as ever during One (it's our wedding song). Now, my six year old loves U2 and always listens to my CDs.

Tonight, I Will Follow was fantastic! Even after so many years, that song kicks! I still get goose bumps when I hear the Edge start Where the Streets Have No Name and Walk On is already a classic U2 anthem. This show was my most fun one yet. New York received a less than overwhelming response from the Boston crowd. Maybe the next album will have a song titled Boston. Why not? Miami and New York got theirs and Boston has so much history with the band.

Tonight, I sang, danced, laughed, loved, learned, yelled, remembered, smiled, and cryed. I will gladly pay my cash to see U2 play a good "rock show", as Bono put it. For me, with U2 it's always more than that!

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