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"It's not saying we even want to get along, but that we have to get along together in this world if it is to survive." — Bono, on "One"

by Joe

WOW!... I have seen their last 4 tours and by far the June 6th show topped them all! When Sgt Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band came through the PA, the excitement was so so intense. Then you heard ELAVATION and Bono and the Boys walked on stage in full house lights. It was just stand up and enjoy the journey. It was fast, furious and awesome!

ELAVATION and BD were tight and sounding great. Hats off to the people at the mixing and sound boards. I never could see what Bono had on the bottom of his shoe! And as usual, Larry and Adam were the driving beat behind the whole night. I must point out that during the band introductions, Bono mentioned that it was Larry who invited everyone over to start a band.

From the start of KITE (oops! that OK Bono!) the show just built to an incredible pinnacle. I must say that Bono loved the top of the Heart, just ask Glen Summerfield who requested a b-side single and then Bono and the Edge abliged with him joining them on stage playing guitar during PEOPLE GET READY! Also, once again Bono pulled a female fan from of the audiance and then got her to lay down with him as he serenaded her with WITH OR WITHOU YOU!

BAD/40, STREETS, PRIDE were the perfect ending but you knew more was coming. How intense was BULLET with Bono walking the stage with the spotlight. Shame on Charlton Heston for saying what he did "good/gun bad/ gun, good/people bad/people". The picture of the little girl holding the gun at the start of BULLET really says it all! Kudos to the boys from Ireland to make us (America) wake up!.

ONE is simply their best written song! What a pleasure to hear this. I think that WALK-ON/HALLELUJAH was the perfect way to end the show! No matter what you face in life, stand tall, be honest and WALK-ON.

Two real pleasures for me were GONE - one of the best songs from POP and WAKE UP DEAD MAN. I don't know if that was on the set list as the Edge and Bono were talking just prior to the start of.

Final thoughts. Please come back to Providence, RI! Wasn't it funny that Bono was sing acapella THERE ARE PLACES; the theme to the TV show "Providence!


Joe h

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