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"Most important, his is a voice shot through with self-doubt." — Bruce Springsteen, on Bono, at U2's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction

by matt tafe

I have been a TWO fan for over twenty years and have been to several shows on most of the previous tours. Remember the gig at Brown when the lads first came over?
I am very impressed with the group's new outlook on the arena tour as opposed to the last two tours. This tour is well received by the older crowd who has embraced U2 since the beginning. I was surprised that they chose to go back to what made them what they are today... a real audience oriented show (bringing a fan on to play guitar).
All four members were hitting hard for the crowd.
It was great that the set was a good mix of new material and nostalgic gems.
If you are going to the weekend shows, we suggest that you drop into the many Irish taverns located within walking distance to the Fleet.

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