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"So many people stand there on stage, handing songs out as if they're feeding the audience. For me, God, the audience is my banquet." — Bono

by Pat99

OK, this goes down as "best concert ever" as the Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons would say! Now I was dead center in front of Bono & Edge in the Heart, got to grab/hold/touch both of them and saw the most incredible show! Hopefully, and I don't see how not, I will make the HBO special. Now music was incredible, Bono f'd up Kite, but it was actually very funny and he & Adam had a laugh over it. I met the kid who played guitar, after the show on the way out, and he said it was incredible and that People Get Ready was his favortie song and that he was yelling it at Bono & Edge and they then pulled him up to do it (thus replacing Stay). Overall a very high energy show, two girls up front had to actually be carried out due to heat exhaustion.

Highlights: Everything! Super Highlight: Physically holding up Bono on Bad when he was hitting the high notes and meeting the Edge on his way out at the end....

Now I will address the line situation for all who were there or not, the Fleetcenter people and/or HBO production people started picking random groups of people from the 400 - 500 people in line around 5:30, then they brought them inside to be told they would be in the front row or right at the tip of the Heart. When the rest of the line found this out (especially the 1st 50 to 100 people since I don't think any of them were picked) many people were pissed and a few took that out (by being verbally abusive) on the people in the Heart who got picked (i.e. me). Also one a@@hole rammed into my friends back halfway into the show and said, "Well I was number X in line so I'm going to the front!" Fortunately he never got by... Some people however dealt with it like adults and just said hey I'm not going to let it ruin what should be an excellent show (i.e. the cool consultants from Dallas directly behind me)

Now first of all if you had been picked like me, you too would have gone along! Second I agree they should have taken the people who waited the longest, but they didn't, they made a different decision, I waited 6 hours and was a sub 200 number. Now that had absolutely nothing to do with me or the other 50 or so people who got picked so what the hell are you gonna do? Furthermore, acting like children and yelling at others and being combative to others who had nothing to do with it was just plain stupid! I know people will go on and on to debate this to no end, but once the show started, you all seemed to have a great time so I hope it was as good for you as it was for me!
Like I said, no question, "best show ever!!!!!!!"

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