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"I suppose I think differently to the other three guys in the band . . . I try to protect the band as much as I can." — Larry

by cjnemec

Boston, June 6th, 2001 Fleetcenter Well, this was my fourth show of the tour, third in the heart. I have seen essentially the same setlist three of the four shows, Chicago night 2, being the exception, and knowing what I know seeing what I've seen, those were the best four nights in my life. I'm 22 years old, and I just graduated from College 8 days ago, and by the way, "Walk On" speaks so clearly to anyone graduating from college. I feel so blessed to have seen this band so many times, and met so many cool people along the way... You guys in Boston were awesome... good pizza and I really appreciate the help finding someone to buy my extra tickets. Anyway, onto the review Me and my friend were 171-172 in line and we arrived around noon. We had driven 19 hours from Chicago, we got lost finding exactly where we were staying, so it took until 3 AM to get to sleep... so we slept in. I had been #16 in Lexington and #1 in Detroit, so I had very little to complain about at #171. I really have to commend the guy who was #1 who sat out for 24 hours. We saw him dead on in front of the stage and it made me feel good for him. Anyway, we ended up three rows back in the heart on Adam's side, which was different for me since I was on the Edge's side in Lexington and Detroit. The crowd in Boston was awesome! It was tops of the four shows I saw, with Lexington, Chicago #2 and Detroit in that order. The band were really tight, and didn't vary much at all except for at the tip, with that awesome desire. Every night I've seen U2 a new song seems to really stand out... The Bad/40/Streets Medley will always be #1... that's insanely good... near as perfect as a live experience can get. However... Tonights version of Bullet was the best I've ever heard, better than Budapest and Rome on Zooropa, or the great Fall 87 Raps about Jimmy Swaggert... This Bullet tonight in Boston was musically as powerful and lyrically as charged as I have ever seen or heard on Bootleg, and I have quite a few (350). The rap was tremendous. Other highlights... -The Paradise Rap during I Will Follow -Desire with the full band is so cool. -The Edge kicking his Guitar after what I thought was by far the best version of Gone I've ever heard... The Edge was furious about something, but I don't know what... that song absolutely rocked. -In My Life/Stuck is so powerful... and the new songs are really beginning to take hold in U2's live myth. Kite and Stuck. -Also, the new ending of Beautiful Day with Bono just singing whatever, as opposed to the "Goal is Soul" at the end of the song, has turned that song into a powerhouse. Hopefully they will include a bunch of this show in the HBO special! Everyone in Philly, DC, New York and Europe... It's an amazing ride. I'll see you all in the fall in say, oh, Chicago or St. Louis... It's been an amazing run... Elevation has truely been achieved. CJ

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