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"I look more like an artisan than an artist. I have these big hands and this pointed face. Where's the glamour in all that?" — Bono

by James M. Dion

I was actually disappointed last night. The Boston Globe review is more accurate than the Boston Herald, but the show was "off"and not because of Bono holding back on his voice (his voice seemed fine), but holding back on fan intereraction due to the HBO film crews there, which seems to have asked the band to limit improvization. There were literally 30 cameramen above the stage. Bono always dances with at least 2 fans on stage, plays with the crowd several times, and spends at least 30% of the time on the ramps with the fans. Last night, NONE of this, no interaction, main stage alomst exclusively, straight ahead rock and roll, no variations in the setlist, obviously easier to film for TV. Normally you EXPERIENCE a U2 show (I've experienced 18), because you are part of it, last night you were watching an HBO special, not part of a U2 show. Tonight should be more of the same, still taping for HBO, also the stupid NBA halftime interlude. Friday and Saturday should be a return to free flowing U2. The Cleveland show on May 3 was absoultely incredible, so, so much better than the POP tour. We will see great shows Friday and Saturday. Last night and tonight was not the U2 we all hold dear, but an HBO special.....good, but not great.

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