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"The thing that's most oppressive in our era is celebrity. And that's why people want to burn my house down. I think I understand that." — Bono

by OKeefe

First off I would like to say that PJ Harvey rocks. Saturday was the first time I have ever heard her music (except that one song) and I think she holds herself very well in U2's gig.

U2 in Boston

From the first chord of elevation you could tell that the Boston fans really love U2 and U2 loves Boston just as much. This was my 4th show of this tour and in no other city has the band spoke so fondly of a town as they did last night of Boston. They also sang some song about Boston during Desire and right before they do their G-L-O-R-I-A.

The crowd was absolutely on fire and jumping up and down through the entire show - including those in the rafters who have a tendency to get lost.

However, of the two shows I saw this weekend this one was musically the weakest of the three - (I thought Hartford was the strongest so far, especially with She's A Mystery to Me) - Bono's voice was a bit weak during In A Little While and he left out some of the great speeches he made during the weekend shows - especially the Jubilee 2000 speech during Pride which I love but it was a great show and they are at the top of their game.

Edge seemed to have some guitar troubles early on and got a bit angry at his guitar but he still is the coolest cat on the stage - well maybe after Adam.

But those are real minor picky fanatical critiques - they sound great every night. By time the shows are over I am exhausted from all he energy on the floor. These guys come out and play 4-6 times a week - they never let up (except for a few picky things) they always sound amazing and these guys are all over 40. That is amazing and just goes to show how great this band really is.

Greatest thing about the band is after each show they all give each other hugs - these guys have been playing together for 20+ years and they still are good friends. So they got that going for them, which is nice.


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