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"Anger is simple . . . that's what rock is at the moment. It's an easy thing to do: painting in black. Joy is something else." — Bono

by Noah

Opening night in Boston for the four
Irish lads was fantastic. It was the first
of three nights for me. Although for the
first night I had balcony seats I was still
struck at how much Bono and the rest of
U2 was able to pull the entire Fleetcenter
crowd to them. Pardon the pun, but the
audience was "One".
Being the best band in the world isnt easy
Bono stated. But they made it seam that way.
I have Idolized them for over 15 years now.
The greatest band of our generation.
In terms of the show, I had already been
tipped off on its surprise begginning.
U2 comes out with the house lights still
on and lifts the crowd with "Elevation"
followed by "Beautiful Day".
The band played much of its aclaimed album
"All that you cant leave behind" which
was fine by me. Beautifully intertwining
the old with the new made this perhaps
one of the best shows Ive ever seen.
PJ Harvey was excellent as well.
I just wish that some more of the U2 faithful
were there to see her.
I could go on and on about last night.
There just are not enough words to descibe
there greatness.
I cant wait to see what the other
nights will bring.......

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