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"I don't know if we've made a great record or not, but it is our record. It's us standing there naked, if you will." — Edge, on All That You Can't Leave Behind

by U2 Fan in NJ

I have also been to a bunch of U2 shows since 1984 (Tower). Although each subsequent show had its own highs and, on occasion, some lows, the show on Nov.2 ranked right next to that first Tower show. IMHO, the band has come back full-circle to be the most emotional and entertaining rock band out there today. The technical details of setlists such as minutes played or a couple of notable songs omitted doesn't bother me none. Actually, hearing Wild Honey slightly off-key (couldn't tell if it was me or the band) was cool. Out Of Control reminded me of early high school days blaring a stereo in a basement sharing multiple beverages with friends. Listen to this. Check this out. These guys rock like the Who. Most thought I was a little daft at the time. Anyway, glad to see Bono and the boys have come back down to earth and are still creating some heavenly music.
U2. Walk on.
-Dave Kelly

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