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Adam and I are the jazz men in the band. But the Teutonic Larry Mullen and the Presbyterian Edge always demand, 'No fat. Back to the original arrangement.' -- Bono

by Brett M

Okay here goes. No I Will Follow, In a Little While, or With or Without You. I knew they were not playing The Fly or Mysterious Ways this leg, but the first 3 were missed. Out of Control was, of course, a gem, and Please replacing Desire during the "acoustic middle set" was nice, except for the fact that it only showcases Bono & Edge. I also heard/read that Angel of Harlem was making appearances, but not here last night.

Larry's drumming was strong as ever, and Bono's voice tip-top. Some technical problems with the black and white screens, but overall another fine performance. 1 hour and 45 mins long, my seventh concert and fourth tour.

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