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"Rock and roll started out as dance music, but somewhere along the way it lost its hips and became rhythmically simplistic." — Edge

by u2 chick

This was my first concert of any bands...... and I'm so glad i chose U2 to be my first concert, it was GREAT!!! I mean Elevation rocked the house and "Streets" was also a good, and my two favorite of the night were Pride(In the Name of Love)and "Walk on".Pride was Really good.....that had to be my favorite..... now getting back to the show, Bono as always was so energetic , and The Edge was also so energetic....Before they did "kite" Bono said "The last time we were here you all know that my father was sick and now he has passed away, and somehow I feel like he wrote this song for me and I thought i wrote this song for my kids".And sometime during the show Bono took a fans American Flag and hugged it for a few seconds.During "bullet the Blue Sky" all the lights shut off and Bono had a little flash light and pointed it at "The Edge" while he was doing his guitar solo and while he was singing he pointed it at every section which made the crowd even louder.Sometime before the last song Bono said"This is not Goodbye Philly".
The only thing I wished they would of have done was.... to play "with or without you" and "staring at the sun"...... I was really looking forward to hear them play them two.I saw tapes of some of the older concerts and I thought that they were great but nothing is like seeing them in person........So all in all the concert was GREAT!!! and i hope they come back to Philly again!!!!!!

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