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"Some people say that as they get older and/or have a family they mellow out. For me, the opposite is true. " — Bono

by Derek C

The last of my shows. The last of me being elevated. But what a way to end my six months of U2!

We arrived at the GA line at 8am and were 164-167. No problem. The weather was incredible - 75 degrees and sunny on November 2! As usual great time meeting and chatting with the U2 faithful. Discussing and listening to previous shows. The line was very orderly though the numbering system was not closely observed.

Got a great spot in the heart 2 fans from in front of The Edge. Great location and a show I'll never forget.

I still think the highlight of every show is the opening. "Elevation" is an understatement to describe what happens to the arena, and last night was no exception. Objectively, U2 was down to business with a standard setlist they plowed right through (about an hour and 45 minutes).

"Wild Honey" was a nice surprise, looks like they'll be adding that more regularly now. And after missing it several times finally got "Out of Control" which they played with an energy that surely matched their early days.

As been said by so many others, "One" is truly moving and stagering when reading the names of SOME of the lost from the tragedy.

"Walk on" is very lifting, and to hear 20,000 repeatedly sing "Hallelujah!" ("Praise Jah you people")is an incredible experience not soon forgotten. During that refrain, Bono exclaimed "I hope it's not too long before we see you again!" Let's hope not.

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