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We want people who aren't in our niche listening to our music. -- Bono

by Evan Cohen

June 17, 2000: my first U2 concert. Madison Square Garden, New York City. I went not knowing what to expect. I was blown away! I then here of a third leg. I rushed over to a local ticketmaster outlet and got my tickets. All that was available were single seats. I grabbed 'em. November 2, 2001. I went thinking that I knew what to expect. Boy, was a I wrong, I was blown away! I sat section 206 (6th to last row at the top), by myself. My friends were scattered all about the arena. I made freinds fast. It's easy to do, when we're all U2 fans. Sgt. Peppers starts playing, and I start to shake, and than before I knew it, ELEVATION! It was June 17 all over again. The show was incredible. It blows away all other groups I've seen. Where the Streets Have no Name, WOW! I appreciated this concert so much more than my previous one. I had been reading previous setlists before the show, noticing a missing presence of With or Without You and Mysterious Ways. I was dissapointed, going into the show thinking I wouldn't see it. I did not see it, but I have to tell you, I didn't miss it for a second. The show was AMAZING! Nothing too out of the ordinary occured, just Bono hugging an American flag given to him by a fan. But even that, was great to watch.

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