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To some people the church is their ticket to respectability, a certain bourgeois point of view, a safety net for when they go to bed. My idea of Christianity is no safety net, a scathing attack on bourgeois values, and a risk to respectability.-- Bono, 2002

by Niels Moen

This was my first concert ever and it's probaly gonna remain the best I've ever seen !!!!

It was just great...I was standing against the crush-barriers (that form the path U2 walks on to the stage).

After waiting for 2 hours in the rain Skunk Anansie entered the stage...they were OK but not something you expect in combination with U2. They performed for like 40 minutes and when they left it started to rain again. Because of the rain they had to cover the stage with plastic.

At 10 pm finally the BIG moment was there: the stadium lights went off, on the screen 'POP' appeared and 'POP Muzik' started playing. The whole crowd went mad, I was shaking on my legs! Then the band came walking to the stage, they passed me..I could touch them all!!!!

The band picked up their instruments except Bono who danced on the b-stage like a boxer. Larry hit the drums and now the crowd was really screaming. Bono started singing "MoFo" and I was so glad to hear he had a good voice today. After "MoFo" they played their first hit in Holland, "I will follow", and then alot of other songs followed (see setlist); some highlights:
-The screen images during 'Even better than the real thing"
-Last Night on Earth..cool animation, Bono jumped on crowd while playing guitar!
-New Years Day...all lights were lit very impressive
-Staring at the Sun...acoustic...just beautiful
-I love you love (karoake)...we all know Edge is a good singer...hilarious
-Miami....Bono picked a girl from the crowd
-Bullet the Blue Sky....they could have seen the lights in New York
-Please.......one of the best songs, it really gets you, very emotional
-Where the streets have no name...it's a classic
-Lemon/Discotheque....giant mirrorball !!!!!!
-Velvet Dress.....man this song is SOOO touchy
-with or without you...one of my favourites
-HMTMKMKM.....Bono entered the crowd again, photos of famous dead people on the screen
-One....Bono on the guitar

Now I thought this was really the end....but,

-MLK...they played the first minute of the song

then this must be really it I thought....but,

-Rain...they couldn't have chosen a better song to end the show with

Well this was really the end.

The concert was in one word 'COOL' -- U2 can still play!

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