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"It's got a really spongy sound. We've found that when you're men, the slower tempos can be funky." — Bono, on "Elevation"

by Pepokiss

This is 2002, and I still can't believe I went to see the greatest rock band of the world.

It's a wednesday morning, and I got up thinking I'm going to my first music concert in my life (13 years old), but I'm not nervous, I'm impacient, I can't wait. I't's almost a year since my brother came to my house and my bedroom and said: "Turn on MTV". Discotheque was on. I had only heard One and HM,TM,KM,KM in my life, and like with those songs, I thought "they are good". My brother lend me Achtung baby!, but it was on tape, so I didn't heard it all. But then, one day I bought Pop, and I went crazy, then I bought Acthung baby, and I went even more crazy. Then I bought War, and went even crazier.

There I waited, like 6 hours in line to get in the stadium (I got field ticket). The only thing I regreted was mising Chile's national football (soccer) team play against England, in Wembley!!. But it didn't matter, because a lot of people were with headphones, so when we (Chile) scored, we (stadium) went crazy.

After a long waiting, the mission:imposible theme started on the PA system. It was time, we knew it was time. Then Pop Musik started, and in the middle of the song, the lights went off and the screen started. Pop here, Pop there, 70.000 people crazy, after 17 years, they were finally here.

A magic start was MOFO (Pop's gratest song), everybody singing along. But then was my first "hang" of the evening: I WIll Follow. I had never heard that song. Everybody jumping, except for me.
Gone came after that, no big deal. But then, the show really started: Even better than the real thing hit the Santiago sky, and the whole place exploted. Maybe the greatest of the whole concert, except for "you now who"(WTSHNN).

You don't know what is emotion until Bono says something in your lenguaje, but not just any word, a especial one that only your country uses: "Cachai". The whole place went bananas over it.
Then, Last night on earth apeared. Quite a shock, I was specting Do You Feel Loved, but it was equally great, especially the "You got to give it away" part.
The UTEOTW/NYD combo, great as usually. Then came Pride, a world famous song that was easy to follow. The "Oh,Oh,Oh Oh" part was great, especially with that pass to ISHFWILF, another song I haven't heard, but at the same time, I had heard it somewhere.

Bad was quite a surprise, only masters of U2 could identify it, because All I Want Is You was anounced. Everything became even more confusing when Bono sang a snipet of AIWIY at the end.

Even with Desire not being played, Staring at the sun and specially Sunday, Bloody Sunday were a nice acoustic set.

I also hadn't heard Bullet the blue sky. At that point I sated down because of the constant jumping.

After Please, during that falseto that Bono did, I realised I was in the greatest thing I could posibily been. And when WTSHNN started, OH MY GOD. I had never heard that song, but when The Edge started with that riff or whatever it's called, my heart was at it's full, and every single person in the stadium was "glowing", the crowd was a sea of happiness and soulness like never seen before.

Then the amazing U2 came back with Chile's football shirt, and Bono with a football that kicked as Discotheque started.
IYWTVD, beautiful. And With or without you, simply marvellous, specially with the "Chao, Santiago". But we knew they wouldn't just go.

What we didn't knew was that the boys were gonna play the highlights of the Chile-England football game, followed by the violin-intro of HM, TM, KM, KM. Just amazing.
Mysterious ways, as spectacular as ever.

Then, One, with the mothers of the chilean dissapeared, really emotional, plus Bono speach, again, really emotional.
Then, for me, Bono blew it. The mothers started to talk, which is good in a manifestation, but not for a rock concert. I didn't like that.
Of course, Mothers of the dissapeared was played to end a great concert, a 2 hour dream, and to start a long life of memories, happiness, dreams and hope for us chileans to watch once again the greatest rock band live, and in my country, my beautiful country: CHILE

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