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"We can write songs about God and have them right next to songs about girls. I think we weave God, sex and politics together in a way that's very unusual to white music." — Bono

by Sergio Miranda

This was my third concert, and the third time U2 play in Chile.
I'm a big fan, so is very emotional and intense that U2 play for us (just a few southamerican countries have that privilege).
About the concert: first at this stage of the tour is more a greatest hits concert than a NLOTH show. This is fine for me. The 360 tour has the most amazing stage you can imagine, you can see the claw outside the stadium and creates a powerful atmosphere inside, cause you see the band so close. The sound is pretty clear too.
This is the first time that the band walk to the stage with the lights on, in Popmart and Vertigo it was more emotional with the lights turn off and the band appear on the stage, but it was cool, people were crazy anyways. The setlist was great, more than a half of the songs were the same that Vertigo tour in 2006. The more surprising moment was "One tree Hill", dedicated to Victor Jara, and Bono invited the chilean singer Francisca Valenzuela, and the result wasnt very nice, too bad.
The memorable moments were people chanting at the end of pride, with Bono trying to move on, and the same after with or without you, with the band really happy with the crowd.
The concert was really magnificient and a moment that will stay in my heart forever.
Thanks U2

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