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"At first I thought musicians, artists, novelists, painters should not be in the same company. Now I think we need each other. It was painters, poets, that gave us a sense of who we were. Politicians shut us out at their peril." — Bono

by Rodrigo Falchetti

I was at Unico Stadium that night. I know the show itself is amazing, is the one in the world. But guys, I want to talk about music. Apart the excesive volume, I think the set list is a little boring, so, what I said is stop playing all the tunes that we lisent to the fucking radio, stop with that tunes wich don't have nothig to say to the music. I talk about "Vertigo", "Elevation", "hold me kiss me..." Stop with those "teen songs". We all grou up!In fact when they plays "Bad" or "Miss Sarajevo" we can find finnaly the true U2! I don't talk about play only old songs, I talk about a set list mature, with some sense for the music. U2 is the bigger rock band in the world and they know how made good music. These shows are for "all the family" or "all the people", what I think is that U2 must start to think now in all the real fan, who konws the b-sides, the rarities and all the tunes, the bootlegs, not only the nice "Beautiful Day"...
I hope the things changes in the future. Bono's voice is great and the musicians arte the best.
Rodrigo Falchetti from Buenos Aires

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