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"If you're writing songs, there are two things that you just don't want to write about — politics and religion. We write about both. No wonder we get into trouble." — Bono

by lucas

The best night ever.Everithing was as I dream.I was waiting for this day for the 14 years that I have.Finally, I went to see them.We went to the stadium by a lot of buses that a company put on the train station.Muse was awesome.We cannot wait until the clock finally disappeared and a big eye appeared with the edge first and the rest of the band behind him,while Space Oddity sounds.All the people were waiting the Stingray guitar,when edge olayed the first chords of EBTTRT.Then I will follow and get on your boots made the crowd went mad.Magnificent and mysterious ways seducted everybody.Then Elevation,Until the end of the world and the introduction of the band as football players before ISHFWILF.Happy Birthday and North star with the excelent beautiful day.A girl joined Bono in In a little while,the incredible version of Miss Sarajevo, the "What do you want?" and fez while the screen go down and the keyboard of city of blinding lights.On Vertigo and i´ll go crazy the people went crazy.Everybody likes Sunday bloody sunday, Scarlet and Walk on with the Amnesty International lights on stage until One.I cryed when Streets sound,i think this was the highest point of the show.The batman song,the desesperately waited With or Without you. Then, the Cerati message before Moment of surrender and the best bnight of the tour finished after that.

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