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"I feel at home in chaos, so the chaos of touring life suits me." — Bono


by Clint Sanders

This was the first time I ever saw U2 and it was an experience I've been talking about for the last 17 years. The ticket was purchased through a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend knew a girl whos mums next door neighbour worked at the ticket place.

Normally I'd keep clear of such a deal but at 17 years old and dying to be at the front I thought it would be my best shot. So it was that Glen, Waz and Scrap (i know... but you'd go with them if you had to) ended up in the second row. A $50 bribe didn't even persuade the guy in front to swap seats. Just as well because when the lights went out and 'Where the Streets Have No Name' started to hum through the orange glow of the backdrop, we all rushed the stage and I ended up hard against the front barricade.

The silhouettes walked on sequentially until I found myself directly between Bono and Adam. INSANE... The rest was amazing song after amazing song including being covered in water from a plastic cup that Bono kicked during 'Bad' (behaviour i'd normally not accept from your average Joe but brag about when it's an Irish rock star).

What an experience and an unreplacable memory. I'm not even sure where the other guys ended up when we rushed forward but you never feel alone at a U2 gig.

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