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"If you can break out of Dublin, you can break out of anywhere." — Bono

by John

Halloween Night 1992!! My very first U2 concert! I remember being very far away in right field,but neverless this was the best concert of my life until the recent Elevation shows I attended. The show opened with a great set by Public Enemy. They had a dummy of a KKK member in hood and all hanging on the stage. Even though the crowd wasn't into it, I was a huge Public Enemy fan and sang along with every song. The Sugarcubes were also very good. I remember Bjork running around in the audience,trying to get them pumped up. It was a while before U2 came on. I remember the anticipation. There was a cool video segment of George Bush that made it seem like he was saying,"We Will, We Will, Rock You." Then all of a sudden you see a silhouette of Bono doing his famous "Fly karate kick" and the opening riffs of "Zoo Station." The whole experience was mesmerizing. I remember it being Larry Mullen's birthday and Bono getting a transmission of Elvira live from nearby Knott's Berry Farm, she directed all of the fans into singing Happy Birthday to Larry. Even from right field, the band sounded great and just the whole stage and lighting with the cars and everything was amazing. I remember U2 doing a great cover of Bob Marley's "Redemption Song" and also Bono singing "Can't Help Falling In Love" to close out the show. Sorry about any fuzzy details it has been a while.

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