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[M]eeting the fans and being a man of the people -- I'm not very good at it." -- Larry

by suewin

What an amazing way to end an unbelievable year of Vertigo. I was so happy to be able to see my last of six shows in my home town of SLC. Although the Delta Center is infamous for its poor acoustics -- I thought the band actually sounded phenomenal and didn't let anything get in their way of giving the loyal Salt Lake fan base a spectacular Christmas present.

I managed to get a great place on the floor with my friend Jen (her first experience in GA) and we were blown away. The band seemed geniunely appreciative of the amazing crowd and warm welcome -- there were a few points when Bono had to stop and say WOW. In fact, he mentioned that he had said WOW six times during the show. Highlights for me were seeing the insane amount of energy that the guys have brought to each of the shows I've seen -- it can't be easy after hundreds of shows, but you never get the feeling their performance is being forced. The Beatles set was great -- Norweigen Wood was stunning, UTEOTW and Mysterious Ways were perfect, and I loved the chance to hear Bono's heartfelt rendition of Original of the Species.

I was thrilled to hear Bono say they would continue to be loyal to SLC -- can't wait to catch the next round. Thanks so much to U2...and the army of people behind the scenes that continue to make this possible for the fans..2005 goes down in history!

Some photos...

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