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The good news from our point of view is that [Bono] prefers working on music more than anything else. And also he's unelectable. -- Edge

by Cory

The band were in good spirits and the crowd was raucous all night from my spot in the ellipse. Highlights included Bono improvising Norwegian Wood solo, The Edge was surprised from his spot at the piano ready to start OOTS and gave him a nice approving smile when he finished, adding in some Christmas themed snippets with Beautiful Day, Bono singing like it was '87 again on Still Haven't Found, and Bono's into to Sometimes with his Dad telling him to get those F'n glasses off his face. Until the End... set the crowd off again with laps by Bono and Edge around the ellipse, the party atmosphere visuals with Mysterious Ways and a familiar repeat dancer on stage, a fact not lost on the rest of the band, and All Because of You was a nice surprise before quieting down for the end.

The crowd was so loud at the beginning of the show that Bono's voice was completely drowned out for the first two songs from my spot 4 deep from The Edge. And as he also mentioned during the Elevation tour stop in Nov. 2001, Bono comments about SLC included mentioning how the city appreciated the out there time of the band (SLC was an early PopMart stop and the sold out crowd that night provided a much needed boost) A great night, SLC loves U2.

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