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"At this point, we probably all could have done some more solo work, but it's just less fun." — Edge

by Robb

This was my second U2 show. The opening act was not the type of music I would think U2 would bring with them, but I didnt go to see the opening act.

The show rocked. The Delta Center is not a prime location for a concert, but all in all the show was one of the best concerts Ive ever seen.

As always Bono had the crowd going and it was pretty awesome being there with 20,000 U2 fans. If youve never seen, Bono, Larry, Adam and The Edge, get you ass to a concert and see the best Rock and Roll band on the planet. I had the $160 tickets and I had a buddy that had the $55 tickets and he sad it was just as AWESOME from the cheap seats than the one I sat it.

The highlight of the show for me was Sunday Bloody Sunday. My fav U2 song and it was high energy and the crowd was totally into it.

Im hopping tape and or Video come from this one. Thanks U2 and thats all the Fan there were there that made the show an awesome time.

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