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"I try not to point the finger because I usually associate myself with the accused." — Bono

by philieliot

I have been to so many U2 shows over the years since Joshua Tree and as I worked for an airline -have had the opportunity to see them in many different countries - mostly the States though. I've seen Vertigo in Manchester (night 2) and both Twickenham shows but I was really looking forward to this last date in dublin as I had great seats and I was bringing my Mam (68 years old), my Dad (72!) and my sister. A real family outing - and we only live up the road from Croker. Flew in from London where I live for the show.

I knew things would be different when I heard Gloria and An Cat Dubh but when Edge played the opening piano piece for Original of the Species ( this is by far my favourite off HTDAAB) I almost sharted myself. Lads, please do this more often. It seemed to me that the crowd knew more words from OOTS than Miracle Drug. Then Bad. F*****g hell. Having seen the show go pretty much the same way in London and Manchester, I was totally disorientated yet completely entranced by this boldness to shake things up.

Snippets of Dirty Old Town and a great version of Still Haven't Found kept my folks on their feet for almost the entire gig.

Too many wonderful moments to mention - I was completely satisfied when THE END came up on the screen. And then they came back out again. Christ, what have they been drinking. Yahweh and 40 (with the guitar/bass swap). Incredible.

If you've tickets for any of the remaining European tour dates - you're in for something special. Our North Amercian cousins have been cheated in a sense with the indoor shows only. Everyone should get the chance to sing elevation with 80,000 others - come wind, rain or hail.

I'm slightly sad though, because I fear this tour really might be the last throw of the dice for the boys despite what they say. Four years from now, will Bono's back still be able to take all this; will Larry's arms still have the power to belty out Sunday Bloody Sunday. Time will tell but sell your mother to get a ticket for this show. Or better still - bring her!!!!!

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