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"The first two records had a sort of cinema sound, a cinematic Panavision feel, the broad, big sound we wanted for U2. Now that we've done the cinema sound, I'd like to make it a bit rougher." — Bono

by Eoin

My first U2 concert and they didn't disappoint! I was bang in the middle of Cusack Upper and I thought the sound was excellent. If I couldn't hear Bono it was because he was often drowned out by over 80,000 people singing with him. The visuals completley blew me away especially during Zoo Station and The Fly. The highlight of the night was when the big screen lit up at the start of City of Blinding Lights. I could write a book about the songs they played but instead I'll just mention two. People say U2 concerts get emotional. Nothing made this clearer to me than when they played Sometimes and in particular Yahweh. Yahweh nearly moved me to tears because of the emotion Bono put into it. Without the usual rhythm backing found on the album, the song sounded so much better and gave a far bigger emotional impact. Amen to that!

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