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"Every review should have, below the name of the critic, their 10 current favorite works in the medium. That way you have some chance of seeing their prejudices." — Brian Eno

by Ioanna from Greece

Ok, i'm really glad i wasn't the only one being disappointed by the Friday night show of U2 in Dublin.
First of all: SHAME SHAME SHAME on anyone who was responsible for the horrible sound system that the back seats of the stadium had to suffer.. I don't know who's fault it was, but it's plain simple: if you want to call yourself a STADIUM rock band, you need to make sure you have a STADIUM sound. A FULL stadium sound, for God's sake! It was heartbreaking, knowing that they were playing Electric Co, and Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses, and not being able to enjoy it, at all! I had to sing the songs in my head, and pretend i could hear it coming from the band at the other end of the stadium!
Another thing: I was at the Cusack stand, upper tier, gate 710. The crowd was mostly Irish people. They were awful, impassive, and completely disinterested in the concert. Shame on you people for depriving the chance from real fans to come and see the concert. People were constantly leaving their seats to go get beers, i'm not kidding you! The people around me got up and left after One finished, they didn't want to wait for encores!!!I've never seen a worse crowd around me in my life! So much for the supposed vibe of the Irish U2 concerts....
On Saturday I went outside the venue to listen to the next concert, even just from far away. I managed to sneak in at an alley close to the stadium. The sound was sooooo much better than what I got the night before from INSIDE the stadium, it was almost ironic... And, suprise suprise, i saw dozens and dozens of people leaving the concert again, as soon as One was finished. They missed an extra 7 songs after that... I was asking people that were leaving the stadium, why on earth are you leaving now? They said, "we need to get a cab, and the concert suck!". What's with people????
Point three: U2 were very uptight on Friday. They didn't really walk down the B-stages, Bono didn't make much of a special speech, and the band wasn't really interacting with each other. I'm pretty sure that the Friday show was a warm-up for Saturday. I could hear the Saturday concert was much better than the night before.
To the positive side of things: They played really well (as far as I could hear) and even with the horrible sound, Sometimes You can't Make it On Your Own moved me to tears, literally. At about noon, we saw all of U2 arriving for soundcheck, and during the soundcheck, Bono was waving at us, because we were a small crowd of 40 people gathered on the side of the stage (outside the stadium) making a lot of noice and clapping along to their rehearsal. Our own little personal concert....
sorry for such a long review, i had to say some things....

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