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"[A]ll music is praise. It's praise to the god of your making. Which, in the case of a rock star, might be oneself. Or a woman. Or an idea." — Bono

by Philip Horan

OK everyone seems to be blown away by the u2 experience and not offer an anyways objective analysis; here's my attempt-
Good points were the renditions of Vertigo(esp the last one, which included the Irish for 1,2,3,14 at the start), New Years Day and the acoustic Yahweh
Bad pints were firstly the atrocious sound quality.I was in the Cusack stand, right beside the stage, and for Vertigo and especially I Will Follow, Bono was almost inaudible, whilst the Edge and Larry seemed too loud. Secondly, Bono and the Edge didn't seem to be working in tandem, as is usually the case; there was very little eye contact or indeed co-ordination between them. Bono also forgot several lines during Beautiful Day and Love and Peace amongst others. Finally, Larry didn't seem in the mood, as his sullen face showed!
All in all, it was a good show, if not a great one. I will follow is my favorite live u2 song, but Bono couldnt be heard singing during it!Despite the rain and acoustics, however, u2 proved themselves once again to be the greatest live draw on the planet

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