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I'm not sure the Vatican people have as much of a sense of humor as the pontiff. -- Bono, on the Vatican not releasing photos of his visit with the Pope

by MartinMc

Number 13 U2 concert for me tonight, and lucky for me I got a great seat in the Lower Hogan (via U2.com), sheltered from the rain and a great view of the stage. Sound was fine from were I was. Looks as if the guys past the "booster" speakers were getting an echo, sounds as if this is the same in a grounds where the band plays into the "U" in a stadium

The night got of to a great start for me, after parking the car, I walked into Paul McGuinness doing an interview, said hello while he signed my ticket.

Snow Patrol got some of the crowd rocking, the rest stayed in the bars in the stand.

Was a bit worried after the first showing of Vertigo, something wasn't quite right. But once Edge strapped on the explorer for I will follow normal service was resumed.

Electric Co. really stood out at the start.

Loved it when the big TV kicked in with COBL and Miracle Drug. Sunday Bloody Sunday and Running... in Croke Park were really special, glad they haved stopped playing the slowed down version of SBS

LAPOS was theatre.

WOWY another heart warming moment!

Second vertigo really rocked! I think the visuals really helped this.

A good eight and a half out of ten (No Out of control, party girl and 40 lost them the 1.5!!!)

Finally straight out of the Car Park and up to road to Belfast without stopping, Belter!

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