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"I don't believe in wishful thinking. You know, 'Imagine,' that John Lennon song, it's my least favorite of his songs. And he's the man for me, but it's like I don't believe that imagining is enough." — Bono

by Michael

I'm not normally one to criticise U2 in any way and will defend them as much as possible.

However, I was really disappointed at the Croke Park gig. Having bought my tickets via the pre-sale as a U2.com member, I might have expected to get a seat that wasn't too far from the stage.

Yet, we were stuck in the corner of the Upper Hogan and Canal End stands, miles from everything.

That mightn't have been so bad, though, if the sound had carried properly. It didn't. I felt all night like I was listening to a band playing two fields away and that really isn't good enough for the money we paid.

It started badly with Snow Patrol, who I felt sorry for, and it didn't get an awful lot better, though it did improve slightly.

I tried as hard as I could to ignore it and make the best of it (I mean, they played The Electric Co - superb!!), but it was liking trying to listen to two bands playing at once. Larry's drim was always about a beat behind the band and I couldn't hear the vocals clearly enough.

The light show was impressive and helped to bring the audience into the show a little more when the light got dimmer, but I was really disappointed.

I've gone and lost myself and had a super time at every U2 gig I have attended, but at this I just felt like going home....

Sorry for the downbeat review....!

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