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[Y]ou learn to rely on other people, the band, and you start thinking that's a weakness. But it's a strength to rely on others." — Bono

by Alan Bannon

The concert I thought was excellent, the performance of the band was flawless as far as I could tell and they seemed to be enjoying especially towards the end. This was the third concert I've been to on this tour and enjoyed this one the best - probably due to my location on the pitch.
I got to Croke Park at about 4:15pm and got into the second enclosed area close to the stage, I was somewhat surprised. The two support acts put on good performances, The Radiators and Snow Patrol. Snow Patrol got a very good reception from the crowd and seemed to really enjoy the gig. The Radiators were on at 6pm and Snow Patrol at 7:15pm. U2 came on stage about 8:55pm and finished at 11:10pm - just after the 11pm curfew, Bono apologised to the neighbours and continued playing.
For me the highlight of the night was Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses as of the setlist it's the only song I haven't heard live before and it was played brilliantly. Bono claimed that it was only the third time they've played it - maybe he meant on this tour. I'm still waiting to hear Crumbs live, it could be the highlight of the concert if they get around to adding it the setlist.
Running to Stand Still was dedicated to Aung San Suu Kyi (who was 60 during week and is still under house arrest in Burma) and he sang a bit of Happy Birthday and Walk On. Inspired by the weather Im guessing Bono sang a bit of Rain.
Before Miracle Drug Bono mention that there were a number of people from Crumlin Childrens Hospital at the concert and then dedicated the song to the doctors and nurse especially the nurses! Other bits of songs played that I remember right now include: Thin Lizzys Jailbreak and Smashing Pumpkins Bullet with Butterfly Wings.

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