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"I don't think anyone can channel their taste in one area because music tends to be universal. In a way it's irrelevant what arrangement it's in if the song is good." — Adam

by Liam Donnelly

This was my 3rd show in a row!!! Fantastic set, not as long as I wanted, but heck they could have played until morning and I still wouldn't be satisfied. The energy was amazing... the adrenaline spectacular. It was a bit sloppy from a technical standpoint, Edge's guitar was a bit out of whack during Breathe and during the end of the 1st set. The crowd roared during New Year's Day!!! I think U2 realized something was missing when they left out Unknown Caller the 1st nite in Dublin. That song is meant for stadiums, I can't remember the last time a new (non-single) song got this kind of reception by the fans, and this is my 23rd U2 concert ever, dating back to Love Town Rattle and Hum tour!!! I loved the little imprompt moments tonite, Stay was absolutely brilliant!!! Their anxiety was very high, you can see Bono nerves pouring out, he wanted this to be the big punch, technically it may have not been, but emotionally it definitely was!!! It struck a chord with many fans, WOWY has been the dullest moment so far this tour, but tonite it was awesome, reminded me of my 1st concert I attended 20 years ago, "We'll shine like stars in the summer night..."

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