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"People think I tell the band what direction to go in. The truth is, they tell me. The singer has to put into words the feelings in the music." — Bono

by Jennifer

My fiance and I drove 4 hours to see U2 in Houston. We'd been looking forward to this day....and it was finally here! Can't say much about the opener P.J.-I give her and her gang a thumbs up for effort, but my fiance had to go and get aspirin for his headache. As soon as the lights were up again we knew it would be a matter of time before U2 would hit the stage. Ok. We saw Pop Mart. Sure, it was grandiose and critics -well- criticized it. But we thought it rocked! After we scoped out the heart shaped setup for the Elevation Tour, we both tried to figure out how they were going to top Pop Mart? But the whole simplistic, "back to basics" is exactly HOW U2 topped their last tour. When showtime came, there was no intro or announcement. Seriously, do these guys really NEED an intro? With the lights still on, U2 walked on stage and took their places and busted into "Elevation". Pure joy. As soon as the guys came out to the stage I went down to the front of our section to get a better shot and began taking pictures. I'd only taken two shots when an usher told me I couldn't use the lens I had. (oh no!) I told him I would put it away. I did not want to leave my guys!!! But I had to turn it over. So the usher and I HAULED over to customer service and turned in my lens (temporarily). Meanwhile, my fiance's waving his fist jammin' -not knowing what has happened. By the time I got back to my seat, U2 is already into the second song "Beautiful Day". I told him what happened and we were kind of bummed out, but not for long. The concert was too cool. We laugh about the whole camera incident now. My drama at the U2 concert.
The show was great! The guys (mostly Bono) were practically in your face. That's how close we felt to the band. Keep in mind we were on the second tier and wished we were on the floor. Bono ran around the heart so fast that at one point, I thought he was going to fly off into the crowd. The black and white video screens were a classic touch. There was one video screen for each of the guys. I was able to see Larry and Adam's face just as much as Bono and Edge! I only wish they would've kept the screens on during the entire show. The highlights of the show included "Where the Streets Have No Name". It was electrifying! "Bad" was the best- I was nearly in tears. "The Sweetest Thing" was sweet with Bono's input on piano. My favorite "I Will Follow" is still a crowd jumper! Then Bono dedicated the song "The Ground Beneath Her Feet" to those 17 people who bought "The Million Dollar Hotel" CD. At that point I KNEW he was talking to me. :) When they closed with "Walk On" - one of my favorite tracks from the latest- I had a feeling the show was about to come to an end. In conclusion, the show was a 10 on a scale of 1 to 5! We look forward to (hopefully) another Texas show soon!...

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